• Iron 8 - Fallout Remover
  • Iron 8 - Fallout Remover
  • Iron 8 - Fallout Remover
  • Iron 8 - Fallout Remover
  • Iron 8 - Fallout Remover
  • Iron 8 - Fallout Remover

Iron 8 - Fallout Remover



Iron 8 is an extremely effective industrial fallout contaminant remover, designed specifically to remove brake dust and iron particles. Our latest formulation has been made up into a strong gel solution, which efficiently dissolves any ferrous contaminants that have embedded onto the wheels and bodywork of your vehicle. 

The gel solution ensures a much longer cling time, allowing the product to dwell for a longer period without drying or running off the surface.

Another added feature is the color change that occurs during the process of the active ingredients, which turns into a purple bleeding effect that indicates a reaction taking place.

Our formula is pH balanced, which simply means that it is safe and suitable for use on all exterior surfaces.

As with many fallout removers on the market, there is typically a very strong and foul odour which emerges from it's raw ingredients, however, with Iron 8 we have reduced the level of this odour by incorporating a small amount of cherry fragrance within our formula, so that the product is more pleasant to use once dispensed.


Product Benefits:

  • PH Balanced
  • High Cling Time
  • Strong Extracting Capabilities
  • Reaction Indicators
  • Safe Chemical Decontamination
Directions of use:
  1. Spray a generous amount onto the surface of your wheels or bodywork, ensuring good coverage of the area. (If using on bodywork, make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying.)
  2. Leave the solution to react with all the brake dust and iron particles for approximately 1-2 minutes, which will progressively turn into a purple bleeding effect.
  3. If required, use a detailing brush to agitate the more stubborn area's.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with a high pressure washer.