• Wheel Care Kit
  • Wheel Care Kit
  • Wheel Care Kit
  • Wheel Care Kit
  • Wheel Care Kit

Wheel Care Kit


Wheels are such an important aspect of your car. Keep up the aesthetics by keeping your wheels clean and looking fresh!


This kit contains the following:

1x Slick - Wheel Cleaner 500ml // RRP £8.99

Slick is a non acidic, high foaming, gel based wheel cleaner. Specifically designed to easily tackle dirt, grime and brake dust from all wheel types and finishes.

Our latest alkaline formulation will strongly emulsify any soiling or brake dust on your wheels and tyres, softening and loosening the dirt from it's surface, which can then be agitated with a detailing brush and pressure rinsed off.

1x Tar & Glue Remover 500ml // RRP £8.99

Strong and highly effective solvent-based formula, which rapidly dissolves all those unsightly tar spots and glue contaminants, providing quick and easy removal of all tar and glue residues.

This product is safe to use on all exterior surfaces, but we would advise testing on an inconspicuous area first to check for compatibility.

1x Iron 8 - Fallout Remover 500ml // RRP £11.95

A safe yet highly effective iron and fallout contaminant remover, designed to remove brake dust and iron particles. The strong gel solution will effectively dissolve any ferrous contaminants which have embedded itself onto the wheels and bodywork of your vehicle.

Our formula is pH balanced, which simply means that it is safe and suitable for use on all exterior surfaces.

1x Taiya - Tyre Gel Dressing 500ml // RRP £11.99

Taiya is our long lasting tyre gel dressing, which will effectively restore the look of your tyre walls as well as plastic trims. Whether you want to achieve a matte or high shine finish, Taiya can provide the best of both worlds. For a matte finish, simply apply 1 single layer onto the tyre wall, and buff off with a microfiber towel. For a wet, high shine finish, simply apply more layers until your desired look is achieved.